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Community Rights and Move To Amend group members Meet to Discuss Possible Collaboration

In quite a few towns and cities across the US, there exists both a Community Rights local group working on passing an ordinance that exercises and defends the residents' inherent right of local self-government and which strips corporations of their so-called constitutional "rights", and a Move To Amend local group working on passing local resolutions calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.

When the Transition Movement & the Community Rights Movement Start Collaborating, Watch Out!

(Paul Cienfuegos presented this original speech to the Transition PDX group in Portland, Oregon, on January 18, 2012. He hopes that it will be shared with other Transition groups across the United States and beyond. Please spread it widely!


Bellingham, WA launches a local ordinance campaign to ban coal trains from passing through their city...

On January 26, 2011, the people of Bellingham, WA, launched one of the first Community Rights based local ordinances on the west coast of the US. Their goal is to ban all of the mile-long coal trains from passing through their city, which are being planned to run from Montana, Wyoming, and Alberta to various west coast ports in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Stopping trains from passing through Bellingham would make it impossible for coal to reach the intended destination of the Cherry Point deep water port just north of Bellingham.

Paul's outreach to towns on the Coal Train routes in Oregon, Washington, & Montana

If you haven't already heard, numerous mile-long coal trains may be coming through your town in Oregon, Washington, and Montana, every single day for the next few decades, if we don't mobilize effectively to stop this insanity. Since October 2011, I have been leading introductory 2-hour workshops, teaching local communities how to exercise their inherent right of self-governance, and recently have been focusing my attention mostly on the towns along the proposed coal train routes. You can view a map of the proposed routes and ports below.

Activism Related to Citizens United and a Model Bill of Rights Elections Ordinance

Subject: The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Releases Statement on Activism Related to Citizens United and a Model Bill of Rights Elections Ordinance


January 17, 2012

CELDF Releases Statement on Activism Related to Citizens United and a Model Bill of Rights Elections Ordinance to Eliminate Corporate Activities which Interfere with the Right of People to Clean Government and Fair Elections 


Mari Margil


Model Community Bill of Rights Template for Occupy Communities

This just in from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, which I work closely with. A VERY exciting development for the fast growing Community Rights movement, and its new relationship with Occupy groups.

Please spread this announcement as widely as you can. 

Sad News: Richard Grossman Has Died (1943-2011)

A giant in the movement to dismantle corporate constitutional so-called "rights" has died of cancer yesterday, Tuesday 22 November 2011. He was one of my primary teachers and mentors from 1995 to 2000. I could not have founded Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (DUHC) without his core support and critical thinking.

Paul's Speech at the Tar Sands Pipeline Solidarity Rally in Portland

About 250 people were in attendance on a cold sunny afternoon at the amphitheatre next to Occupy Portland, on Sunday, November 6, 2011, at the rally in solidarity with Hands Around the White House to stop the Tar Sands Pipeline.


Hello there!

Paul gives rousing speech at rally in solidarity with Occupy PDX. Workshops continuing.

Details HERE, or

click HERE to listen to the 5 minute presentation.

Turning Occupation into Lasting Change.....


Full title:

"Turning Occupation into Lasting Change: How Pittsburgh, Spokane and other communities can point the Occupy movement towards elevating rights for people and nature over corporate rights"

by Thomas Linzey & Jeff Reifman


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