Greetings to all & welcome! You can sign up for my ongoing 3-hour introductory teleconference workshop HERE.....

Here you will find detailed information about the talks, workshops, and consulting work that I offer, and a calendar of my upcoming offerings, plus a selection of the numerous articles I have written for print and online publication over the years, some details about my own personal history, and a link to my full-service online bookstore

By the end of August, I will also have all of my new weekly radio commentaries archived here to listen to or read. Until then, you can click on KBOO.FM, click on their archives, and find them there every Tuesday evening on the KBOO Evening News, beginning August 5th.

I will be relaunching my Community Rights Update e-newsletter shortly - bringing you breaking news on the growing movement to dismantle corporate constitutional "rights," offering links to the writings of my colleagues and my own writings and speeches, and letting you know when I am coming to your area to give a talk or workshop. I encourage you to sign up for it by clicking on the "Sign up for Updates" buttom to the left, as there are still VERY few places online where you can get this kind of information delivered right to your computer.

I started a Community Rights Portland, Oregon group which has been meeting weekly since January 2012, and which intends to run a rights-based ballot initiative campaign in 2014 2015. If you live in Portland, and wish to join us, please get in touch.

And last but certainly not least, I am very excited to announce that I am now offering introductory 3-hour workshops - initially by teleconference and ultimately via webinars once we have time to iron out the technical wrinkles. YOU CAN SIGN UP TODAY FOR THESE WORKSHOPS. For more information about the workshops or to register, click HERE.

Payment is by affordable sliding scale.

I look forward to working with you!

All the best, Paul Cienfuegos

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