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Paul Cienfuegos' passionate presentation of the history of American government has spurred me and other workshop attendees into action. I keep saying, "I don't have time for this", but am compelled by Paul's presentation, the accessibility of the video, audio and written materials provided by him, and the enthusiasm of other participants to get our community involved in saying what we want for our community. Paul inspires people. He covers a lot of ground in an engaging way--whether in an introductory presentation or a two day workshop.

- Deanna Pumplin, Port Townsend


I first heard about Paul from an activist scholar friend who had heard him on the radio.  He told me: you should check this guy out; he and his collaborators are on to something.  Not long after, I received an invitation to attend his workshop "We The People Are More Powerful Than We Dare To Believe".  I am glad he did.  I had been away from a local focus in my activism and scholarship for some years.  Paul’s work to reign in corporate power allows those of us who want to work on big issues to do so at the local level.  The strategy and tactics they offer have the potential for serious traction.  Check it out.


- Dr. Paul Haber

Chair, Department of Political Science

University of Montana




Paul Cienfuegos' work is remarkable and important.  Important because he is radical in the olden sense of that word:  aiming at the roots or origin.  Remarkable because he does so in a way that is deeply strategic, taking into account everything from broad social theory to the challenging details of how to work for social change in a manner that is effective, loving, and sustainable.  A skilled activist needs to be a talented generalist, and to all our good fortune Paul fits the bill.  When local communities come to finally assert their sovereignty over corporate rule--and they will--Paul will have been one of the engines of that movement.


 - Tree Bressen, renowned group facilitator &

     founder of Group Pattern Language Project

Paul Cienfuegos is on to something huge - and you will be too after hearing him.

 - Vicki Robin, co-author with Joe Dominguez of
 "Your Money Or Your Life", Washington


The first thing anyone who is interested in how corporations obstruct true democracy and socially beneficial policy should listen to <> is the talk Paul Cienfuegos gave in Missoula, Montana on March 2, 2012. Paul does a masterful job of explaining the struggle between people rights and corporate rights throughout our history, starting with the US Constitution. He also provides up-to-date information about the wave of new challenges to elite corporate rule sweeping  across the country. Whether you live in Pennsylvania and are threatened by fracking, or in Vermont and are threatened by nuclear power renewal, or in Montana and are threatened by corporate farming, or in the Northwest and are threatened by coal shipment across your state to port facilities being built at taxpayers’ expense for shipment to China, Paul puts you in touch with others in your community who are rising up to protect their people rights from further usurpation by corporations.


-- Robin Hahnel, author, 'Of the People, By the People: The case for a participatory economy'

Paul Cienfuegos brings to his work and presentations regarding corporate assaults on people, planet and democracy both important information and energetic commitment. He provides historical context for the devastating consequences of corporate rule, and offers examples of citizen action that begin to put corporations in appropriate, subordinate relationship to We the People.

Virginia Rasmussen, co-chair of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's national campaign to "Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights", Massachusetts

Paul Cienfuegos' work is at the cutting edge of social change, blending keen analysis with invaluable experience in reclaiming our power from corporate hegemony. Having the good fortune of working with Paul for twenty years, I am grateful for his passionate commitment to democracy and ecological sanity. A lively speaker and a resourceful workshop leader, he helps us find concrete steps toward building a just and sustainable society.

Joanna Macy, author of "Coming Back to Life", California

Paul provides a wealth of information, especially vital historic facts about corporations' rise to power that we were never taught. He works well with small groups and sees that every attendee participates. I highly recommend Paul's workshops to all folks interested in political change.

-Tom Wodetzki, ex-co-chair of the Mendocino Coast chapter of the Alliance for Democracy, California

A powerful workshop... . Paul's message of hope needs to be widely spread.

Robert Botley, retired Unitarian Universalist minister, California

Paul's workshop changed my life. I now spend untold hours working to redefine the corporate form. Beware, truth is contagious! Rarely have I learned so much in one day, perhaps not since the birth of my son. An eye, heart and mind opener.

Jan Edwards, co-chair of the Redwood Coast Alliance for Democracy, and co-author of the Resolution on Corporate Personhood in the City of Point Arena, California

Paul Cienfuegos communicates with intensity, passion, commitment and clarity.

Joan Russow (PhD), Global Compliance Research Project, British Columbia, Canada

...Paul is a high-energy presenter whose engaging style is very effective at delivering the message citizens need to understand: corporations are the subordinate creations of "we the people" and we can and must reassert our sovereignty over them.

Betsy Barnum, Executive Director, Great River Earth Institute, Minnesota

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