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(Model) Resolution to Free Democracy from Corporate Control, by Phoebe Anne Sorgen & Jeff Kaplan

Phoebe Anne Sorgen and Jeff Kaplan have been leaders for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing their efforts on creative local activities for awakening their communities to the crisis of corporate constitutional so-called "rights". Phoebe has years of experience in Berkeley trying to get numerous resolutions passed through her city council. Here's their "Resolution to Free Democracy from Corporate Control", which was passed by the Berkeley City Council by a unanimous vote on April 27, 2010.

Excerpt from "The Confessions of a Reformer", written in 1925 by Richard C. Howe

In the early 1900's, Richard C. Howe wrote numerous books arguing for municipal self-government, including "The City: the Hope of Democracy". In this excerpt from his book, "The Confessions of a Reformer", written in 1925, Howe contrasts the power and "freedom" of business corporations and municipal governments.....


What If BP Was A Human Being?

What if BP, the principal corporate entity responsible for the massive oil well rupture a mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico, was a human being, a flesh and blood person instead of a faceless transnational corporation? Bruce A. Dixon, managing editor at Black Agenda Report, asks this intriguing question in the essay below. It's a fair and simple question, and the answers tell us a lot about the world we live in.


We The People of Cheltenham (WTPOC), Pennsylvania, launch second home rule amendment campaign

Below are comments made to the Cheltenham (PA) Board of Commissioners in June by 'We the People of Cheltenham' (WTPOC), announcing this season's campaign seeking a Community Bill of Rights as an amendment to the Home Rule Charter to give citizens a voice on land development by public benefit corporations, and other local issues. The group understands that this is a necessary prerequisite in order to be able to create real opportunities for democratic participation through initiative and referendum.

Mt. Shasta: First California community to put community and water rights on the Ballot

We have reached a very exciting moment in the growing campaign for community rights over corporate so-called "rights". For the first time ever, a community in California has decided to challenge corporate rule head-on, at the local level, via legally binding ordinance, to reign in specific corporate "rights". Here's a press release from one of the campaign organizers, in the City of Mount Shasta, CA....

Paul offers string of workshops and talks in Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham...

Greetings to all who have signed up to receive my announcements over the past few months. I'm running about a month late in getting this going, but from now on you'll be receiving one or more brief announcements from me every week or so, linking you to essential new resources on what citizens are doing to dismantle corporate constitutional "rights". This week, I'm wanting to draw your attention to a string of two full-weekend workshops I'll be leading in Seattle and Bellingham, WA, plus four public talks/group discussions in Portland, OR. All in the next 5 weeks! I'm on a roll!

A Core List of Books for Dismantling Corporate Rule


These are the gems to give your primary attention to if you have the time. I keep all of them in stock here at, or you can special order them from your local bookstore.

A must-see website satire about the World Economic Forum!

I don't know how they got away with this, cuz it really looks like the real thing, but here's an amazing satire website for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Start with the one-minute talking heads down the right column. My favorite is the ADM company spokeswoman. Click anywhere. It's unbelieveable!  I don't even know how they can keep this site from being taken down!

And when you're done laughing/crying, check out the REAL site here. (It's way less funny.)



Scramble for the Atmosphere

Friends, I have been following the Copenhagen climate talks very closely over this past few weeks, and this essay by one of the climate movement's biggest heroes is perhaps the most honest (and unsettling) report of them all. Below it is a second report from a British journalist.

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