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A Worker Bill of Rights for Spokane, Washington

Coos County Symbolizes a Political Earthquake Beginning to Transform Oregon Politics

Imagining a City Where Renters & Property Owners Enjoy Fully Equal Rights Under Law

Civil Rights for Cell Tower Corporations? You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Can We fulfill Our duty as Citizens if our news is brought to Us by corporate monoliths like the Oregonian newspaper?

An Interview with Don Wedll about Native American Lawmaking

An Interview with Winona LaDuke about Real Native Sovereignty

Paul Cienfuegos’ April 7th, 2015 Commentary on KBOO Evening News


Dismantling Corporate Rule: The Next Step in "The Great Turning"

I wrote this essay sometime in the late 1990's, and just ran across it this evening. Joanna Macy's "Great Turning" concept continues to resonate across the world. This was my attempt, many years ago, to share my thoughts about the linkages between her concept and the need to reign in corporate constitutional so-called "rights".

Will Benton County Voters Make Food Safety History on May 19? It May Depend on Whether They Get YOUR Support!

Imagining What We Might Achieve if Conservation groups & Labor unions & Social Justice groups & Neighborhood associations.....

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