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Pittsburgh may become the first U.S. city to ban natural gas drilling within the city

Residents of Pittsburgh, PA, are asking their City Council to pass what would be the nation's very first ban on natural gas drilling within city limits. And it appears they may get their wishes as early as next month, when the Council plans to vote on this groundbreaking ordinance. 

The ordinance is titled:

CELDF's Thomas Linzey to speak at Earth at Risk Conference in San Francisco, October 16, with Derrick Jensen

CELDF Executive Director Thomas Linzey is one of a small group of key thinkers invited to participate in the day-long Earth at Risk event in San Francisco on October 16, 2010. 

The Mondragon Cooperative Experience: A Model for Richmond, California?

Worker's co-ops are one of the most transformative things communities can undertake. The Mayor of Richmond, California, Gayle McLaughlin, is about to launch an extraordinary working relationship with the world's largest worker co-op movement, from the Basque region of Spain. Could YOUR community do the same?

"Court's Campaign Money Ruling is a Red Herring" by Jane Anne Morris

Before running off trying to counter the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), we ought to sort out what this decision does and does not do.

My letter of concern to re: its new campaign opposing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision

I wrote this critical letter to’s office on August 19th. As I had expected, I have received no response at all as of today (six days later), other than an automatically generated one. I wanted to share it with my readers as I continue to hear how widespread are these concerns from among its millions of members…..

"Look to Congress for Supreme Court Fix", by Jane Anne Morris

 How is it unconstitutional for a state to require place-of-origin labels on meat? Regulate sale of its water? Establish worker protections stricter than federal standards? Where does the US Constitution say that states cannot require that toxic waste be sorted and labeled? Cannot include labor standards in state purchasing policy? Cannot make companies disclose what chemicals they use in products and facilities?

"Citizens Unite Against 'Citizens United", by Ari Berman

This article appeared in the August 16/23, 2010 edition of The Nation magazine. I (Paul) have taken the liberty of adding a few critical comments of my own throughout the article.....

Organized Wealth’s Hostility toward Local Self-Government.....

Here is a very brief excerpt from a 1930 book titled The Growth and Decadence of Constitutional Government, by J. Allen Smith

UPDATE: 'We the People of Cheltenham' collects sufficient signatures to place their initiative on the ballot.....

In my July 4 blog entry, I wrote you about .....

"We the People of Cheltenham' (WTPOC) announces the 2010 Petition Campaign to simplify the initiative and referendum process for residents of Cheltenham. "

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