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The Supreme Court begins to grant Personhood & Commerce Clause ‘rights’ to corporations (Part 3)

The Supreme Court begins to overrule the other branches of government (Part 2)

The Supreme Court: From the 'Doctrine of Discovery' to corporate constitutional ‘rights’ (Part 1)

Senator Elizabeth Warren - "Black lives matter, black citizens matter, black families matter"

Why do We the People allow corporate crime to be regulated instead of being outlawed?

'Demand Progress' falls short in its defense of Net Neutrality

Another dramatic example of the legal and political naivete of conventional activist groups when it comes to understanding corporate constitutional so-called "rights". I've red-highlighted the relevant text below, with my added comments following in blue. And I've invited David Segal or other 'Demand Progress' staff to enter into a dialogue about these critical issues.

Labor Must Challenge Corporate Rule

State Preemption vs the Right of Local Governments to Protect Our Health & Welfare: Colorado Makes History

Got Property Rights? YOU have the RIGHT to destroy Planet Earth!

Workers’ Rights vs the 1% - A Showdown in Spokane, Washington

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